Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yes, A Boy CAN Do That

EK was absolutely right. No one batted an eye when the Cantor called on me to light the candles.

Friday night was wonderful. I got to sit on the bimah with a neighbor I hardly know, who was up there in honor of her recently-celebrated "special birthday". She was a delight, and seemed delighted at the recognition from a synagogue she's been a member of for more than half a century.

The Rabbi had a well-deserved night off and the Cantor delivered a heartfelt and moving D'var Torah (translation for non-M.O.T.'s = sermon, more-or-less) on the topic of assimilation --- and the gulf that sometimes exists between the community and its leaders --- that had conversation buzzing at the oneg Shabbat (cookies and punch after Sabbath services).

She also led the choir in a set of non-traditional musical settings for a number of the prayers that were just beautiful.

As soon as my sentence (oops, I meant term of office) as a synagogue V.P. is over in June, I'm joining that choir. At the moment, it's all women. The ones who have to sing tenor have been especially supportive of my plan.

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glad it went well!