Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sign of the Times?

Thanks to my cousin Debbie for this one.


Moonbeam said...


OMG...Here in California within an 8 mile radius alone, unleaded gas goes for between $3.21 and $3.69. One Shell station near the beach asks $3.89. I actually pass by and see people that must be in a coma buying gas there. WTF.

WTF...are the oil companys doing.

(Sidebar, my Mother is happy as a lark, her Chevron stock is going up up up.)

laughing said...

Sounds about right.

I'm trying to remember the funny stuff from earlier gas price increases and such.

Either in the late severities or early eighties, we were only allowed to buy gas every other day. I can't remember, but I think that they used your license plate number, and the ones that ended in an even number could buy gas one day, and those that ended with odd numbers could buy gas the next day.

So the sign outside the gas station said "See all you odd people on Monday."

Then there was an ad for a video store. "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. (This movie has nothing to do with the current energy crisis.)"

Beakerz said...

This one really never gets old does it?

Churlita said...

How perfect.

Rachel said...

It is truly sad when I get excited to have a 10¢ off per gallon coupon and will only be paying $3.19 per gallon.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

great signage..

laura b. said...

I keep trying to imagine the price that will finally keep me from driving at some point. It is hard to imagine.

Anonymous said...

Demand keeps the price up. As long as morons keep driving SUVS and HUMMERS the price will never drop.

I hate Democrats and smelly useless hippies but people need to drive less and conserve gas.

F EXXON BY THE WAY. Greedy bastards.


Kyra said...

LOL that really is perfect!

Moonbeam said...

I wish to add one more comment. I really wanna add two but, wont.

The sign is fits, is humorous and tickles ones funny bone. Gave me one of my smiles for the day.

Oh darn..I havta make the second comment. I dont see what hating Democrats and Hippies has to do with the sign. The posted sign is meant to be funny and make us laugh at a situation we obviously dont have much control over. Cause Bush and his Daddy...well never mind :)

Anonymous said...

Moonbeam - You think BUSH and his father control oil prices? You may want to do some research before making a statment like this.


Anonymous said...

I felt like it was a give-away this morning when I got gas for $2.99 9/10. Usually here in NE Ohio, we have some of the cheapest gas prices in the country, but not of late.

Dennis is still doing nothing about it.....some representative.

David in DC said...

I have deleted two comments.

The Anti-Jada site proprietor(s) posted one ugly comment about Jada and then just posted the new url of their blog.

Please peddle your hate advertising elsewhere.

David in DC said...

moonbeam: I'm glad the sign tickled your fancy.

I'll keep your mom in mind every time I fill up at Chevron or Texaco (My Chevron card works there too, I think one of 'em swallowed up the other.)

Laughing: I remember the every other day rationing during the price increases after the Yom Kippur War. I didn't remember either one of your funny signs from that time. Thanks for bringinging them to our attention.

Beakerz: See laughing above. The gags never get old and the variations are almost infinite. Thanks for stopping by.

Churl: That's what I thunk when I saw it in an e-mail full of high gas prices jokes my cousin sent me. Glad you agree.

Rachel: Just don't spend an extra dollar's worth of gas going out of your way to get the 10 cent/gallon discount.

I just hit the first Chevron/Texaco I see after the fuel light goes on. Hopefully, that appears before my last two gallons disappear.

Drives RFB, who can't conceive of driving on less than half-a-tank, nuts. Gang: Ya think that's a boy/girl thing?

babybull: high praise from the autuer behind "Picture This Blog!" Thanks. Gang: if you haven't checked it out yet, do so. And prepare to chortle, chuckle, and/or guffaw.

l.b.: Me neither. There must be such a price, but I haven't found it either, yet.

A1: I wouldn't put it exactly that way, but I agree on the need both to practice conservation and to commit an intimate, and unnatural assault on Exxon and its ilk.

savy: Thanks. Nice to meetcha. Come back soon.

moonbeam: Providing smiles for the day is one of my intents. The remainder of your comment and the response it drew are the kind of wide-open but not personally offensive discussion I welcome here in my little corner of cyberspace.

A1: Good on ya, mate.

e-e: I've said this before Dennis is not to be viewed seriously. He's a full-out whack-job. However, if you view his entire career as a single act of performance art, the guy's damn funny (and, intermittently, usefully provocative.)

Tara said...

That sign made me LOL. It's sad when we thing that 2.99 is "not bad". I refuse to fill up my tank with prices that high. Don't want to give the gas stations the satisfaction of putting in 25 bucks for a full tank.

ANON1 said...

Same here. I only fill up if I am going to drive a long distance.