Tuesday, December 26, 2006


One prescription for battling the blues that came my way from wildly divergent sources, after I posted about feeling bleak, was exercise.

I definitely feel better after I've run around a field tossing about a Frisbee with Monkeyboy in DC.

Part natural endorphins being released through exercise part parental glee, I'm guessing.

Maybe I'll join a "35-and-over" county basketball league.

I'm a triple-threat player. I can kill a team with my errant shot, my inability to play defense or a vertical leap that even Caucasian guys laugh at.

O.K., maybe not basketball.

I had fun at Monkeyboy's youth choir swim-and-sing party this past Sunday. And the county pools are dirt cheap to use. I oughtta get there more often.

On the other hand, I've spent a lifetime denouncing exercise as highly overrated. Jim Fixx and Euell Gibbons both died of heart attacks when I was a teenager and Keith Richard is still alive.

And it seems as if everyone I know who's physically fit is also injured (or recovering from an injury, or rehabbing one.)

Besides, I AM in shape. Round is a shape.

O.K., I've reached a compromise. Thanks for listening while I worked this out. I'm gonna start swimming regularly, but, in the interests of comedy, I'm going to deny doing it.

Got my resolution resolved with a week to spare.



Anonymous said...


Rachel said...

I tried out for basketball in Jr. High. I sucked so bad that they asked me to quit.
Kickball is a different story though. I am pretty good at that game.

ANON1 said...

You need to add muscle and burn fat. Lift weights maybe three times a week. Thanks to this cold someone gave me for Christmas I have not touched a weight in 3 days.

I feel like CRAP!

Good luck!

David in DC said...

My wife, or, as she prefers to be called, my reason for being, swears by something called "Airborne" when she's got a cold.

She insists it lessens the severity and duration of her cold symptoms.

My own view is the traditional one. If you follow all the proper medical advice you can get rid of a cold in 7 days.

If not, it takes a week.

Chicken soup, of course is the time-tested remedy. Preferably prepared by a bubbye, babushka or grandma.