Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A1 Doesn't Just Stand for Steak Sauce

Insidious Truth writes today about the disappearance of an Angry Young Blogger. She's asked me if he and I were friends. My answer:

One of his first posts was an open letter to me calling me every kind of awful. It was pretty funny.

We developed a bantering relationship. If you look through my posts and his comments on the first couple of months of my blog until he shut down the first time, you can get a feel for it.

There's was a similar set of posts and comments on his now-defunct blog.

He made fun of my penis, I made fun of his brain. It's that kind of friendship. We've never met in real life.


Anonymous said...

This relationship does remind me of a quote I saw on one of these blogs the other day:

"hung like Einstein, smart as a horse"

Rachel said...

LOL...that quote was posted on my blog!!!

I believe that my blog was one of the first ones that he started hating on after White Dade's. I didn't mind as long has he made statements about what the subject was but the tangents drove me crazy.
One thing he was definitely good for was to start a heated discussion.
In a strange, masochistic way I kinda miss the guy.

David in DC said...

Me too, Rachel