Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Don't Bother Chasin' Mice Around

That line, in Stray Cat Strut, has always struck me as the epitome of cool. No cat could say anything hipper or cooler.

I thought of that as I read this humor piece in the weekend Washington Post. It's perhaps the hippest, coolest piece the author could possibly write, at this moment in his career.

Mazal tov to Gene Weingarten. I've never met the man, but he's brought humor to my Sunday mornings for a good many years.


Anonymous said...

I watched a couple of different pieces on the Nigerian email scams. The fact that people are naive enough to even open them things makes me wonder.

It was a rather sarcastic and humorous piece. Not bad for a news-rag that is very uptight and almost angry all the time. If only they would lighten up more often. They might actually keep some readers. (I am not a fan of their crossword...too easy usually)

Churlita said...

Loved it. How funny. I better get back to my spam emails now...