Friday, May 18, 2007

8 Things You Don't Know About Me

Babybull, of Live Life Love Life (Part Two), tagged me with this meme.

1. Just today, I added a new sentence to my Blogger profile.

2. I came in third on Jeopardy! in December 1996.

3. If I knew the translation of Boca Raton, I would have come in second.

4. I took a year off after my undergraduate degree to decide between law school and rabbinical school.

5. I ran for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in my D.C. neighborhood in 1993, championing a church whose breakfast program for the homeless was threatened by NIMBY neighbors.

I assumed that there was a silent majority who thought churches were supposed to feed hungry people.

They turned out to be a silent minority.

6. I always hit 16 against the dealer's 7 through Ace. (I always stand on 16 against the dealer's 2 through 6.)

7. I refuse to call National Airport by its new name.

8. Although I've lived inside the beltway for 27 years now, I've never taken the tour of the FBI Building and I never will until they take J. Edgar Hoover's name off of it. The bastard.

I'm not gonna put anyone on the spot. If you want to do this, consider yourself tagged.


dmarks said...

Whatever you call that airport, I think it's one of the worst major ones I've seen. Denver... Houston... LA... those too. Not sure which one is the worst.

Anonymous said...

You always have to through left wing bullcrap in your posts. Reagen is the greatest Republican President ever and Hoover is a hero!


Anonymous said...

Opps, throw...

Moonbeam said...

"Rats"...that you didnt come in first on Jeopardy. But....ya gotta be proud to have been a contestant and come in third. Just think how many people must try out to be on the show and not make it. Millions I am sure. So you are One in a Million, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is still a winner in my book.

You seem to know your way around a Black Jack table. Maybe you should give lessons or enter one of those World of BJ tournaments.

Anonymous said...

Good going on the Jeopardy, third is OK for that show.

The airport in Cleveland is a bit of a civic joke. You won't speak the name of National for the same reason I will not refer to the Arkansas Library of "It" by it's new name.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is something really cool about Jeopardy.. you are still a winner.. Our airport in town isn't near as big as Pearson International.. I call it Toronto Airport.. Thanks for playing along..It was a sneak attack from Tara..normally I wouldn't tag anyone.. I had stopped doing that..

David in DC said...

dmarks: Have you been to National lately? The old airport was a nightmare, but the new one is pretty good.

A1: That's not true. I don't always have to throw in left wing bullcrap.

I always want to, but I restrain myself.

By my count, the last time I threw in any left wing bull crap was in April.

Reasonable people can differ about Reagan, I suppose. (W's presidency has left me longing for the intellectual integrity and depth of the Reagan years. I cannot believe I just said that, but it's true.)

But Hoover entirely subverted the laws he swore to uphold. And would never prosecute the mob because they had pictures of him in dresses. His decades-long reign over the FBI is a vile blot on this country's history.

Illegal wiretaps, "black bag" jobs, suppression of the civil rights movement, harrassment of Dr. King, domestic political surveillance (google COINTELPRO).

The list of his sins is almost limitless. Not that I feel strongly about this or anything.

A1: Blogger needs to put in spellcheck for comments the way it does for original posts.

Otherwise, I promise, my posts would have more typos than your responses 9 times outta 10.

Moonbeam: Thanks. I wonder how one would score a BJ tournament.

Oh, wait a minute, you mean blackjack? Sorry, I gotta get my mind outta the gutter.

As Emily Litella used to say on SNL: Never mind.

e-e: Fair enough. Come to think of it, Monica probably could have won any BJ tournament she entered.

babybull: Thanks. Any place in North America that's named for Lester Pearson is O.K. with me. Trudeau too, for that matter.

I grew up across Lake Ontario from Toronto. It's one of my favorite places in the world.

Except for the weather. Toronto is one of the few civilized places I know of with worse weather than my home town of Rochester, NY.

Everybody: In response to an e-mailed request, I welcome anyone who wants to be tagged with this meme, but who has no public blog, or no blog at all, to post their answers in this comment section.

That goes for any future tag I throw out into the ether, too.

Moonbeam said...

Blackjack? Of course :)
I am not touchin' that one with a ten foot pole....would be too hard.

There ya go yankin' me into the gutter with ya.

Never mind :)

Dont forget a mind is a terrible thing to waste no matter where it travels.

dmarks said...

DiDC: I didn't mention that I almost had my arm torn off at the Newark airport.

ANON1 said...

Come on DIDC don't believe everything the media writes.

Churlita said...

That's so cool you came in 3rd. Did you meet Alex Tribec?

minijonb said...

i've already been tagged with this meme, so no worries there... but what is the translation of Boca Raton anyway?

David in DC said...

moonbeam: Gotcha.

dmarks: And here I thought the sentence "Airfares cost an arm and a leg, these days" was entirely metaphorical. I'm glad you survived and do not have to act out that cliche about being "busier than a one-armed paperhanger."

churl: You only interact with Alex Trebek on stage. other than that, an outside monitoring company very strictly limits your contact with anyone on the production end of the show, including the talent. An outgrowth of the scandals dramatized in the movie Quiz Show, I think.

Minijonb: Mouth of the rat. ARRRRRGH. Not that it's a sore pointy or anything.

My poker buddies mention Boca Raton, once or twice a year, just to rattle me when they think I'm bluffing.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. When I see your comments elsewhere, they usually make a lot of sense, and when I click through to your blog, it's always got cool stuff.