Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Breaking 100

You post interesting facts. You post autobiographical musings. You post political rants.

When does Extreme Tracker say you're breaking a hundred hits per day?

A month before Halloween. People looking for "funny pumpkin pictures".

And, if history repeats, in a month I'll be breaking 200 per day, with people looking for "funny turkey pictures".

I hope a few stick around to read some other stuff too.

On the other hand, this former class clown does take some pleasure in the fact that the single most searched word leading to his blog, more than 10% of all searches leading here, day in and day out, is "funny".

Live by the joke, die by the joke.


Moonbeam said...

Thanks for making the world a funnier place....keep it up :)

Also enjoy your interesting, noteworthy, political and rambling dealymabobs too.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

It is funny.. Hope you make it to 200.. that would really give you a chuckle..

laughing said...

I have somehow become the expert on how to get out of jury duty. Of course the point of the post is that even with valid reasons, you can only get out of jury duty for one of the reasons listed on the summons card.

And I still get the most hits for nutritional information on Rudy's BBQ. And there isn't any. But it's BBQ, which is usually not about nutrition anyway.

And this time of year, everyone is looking for a giant penis costume. Not that they don't look other times of the year, but there are just more of them in October.

Amy said...

As a professional researcher who used to sit across from you in homeroom every morning, your stats don't surprise me at all. :)

Churlita said...

Mine are mostly song searches and huge nipples - which leads them to a cow udder photo I took at the State fair. It cracks me up every time.

dmarks said...

I saw a guy dressed in a vanilla ice-cream cone costume at a Culver's recently. It looked too much like a giant penis costume. Not only that, the big white vanilla ice cream cap he had was filthy. Not very appetizing.