Saturday, February 24, 2007

Love Your Pet Appreciation Day

According to e.clec.tic spaghetti, today is Love Your Pet Appreciation Day.

Here are a couple of cute pictures of Monkeyboy in DC with his beloved rat (er, I mean hamster) Ted.

(Photo credits: RFB)

Goddam, Tara's holidays sure make life easier if you're depressed or have blogger's block.
Yay Tara!


Tara said...

Hey, thanks for celebrating this holiday on your blog! I didn't even post the holiday, but I totally appreciated my cat and my mom's cat and my friend's cat (I visited both today). I'm sure those cats would appreciate Monkeyboy's little hampster, there. Hehe. ;)

laughing said...

Is Ted a teddy bear?

At least it is not a Siberian hampster. :)

About twenty years ago, we raised hamsters.

I don't have any pets at the moment.

David in DC said...

Tara: Thanks for providing the occasional cure for blogger's block. As for the cat's, they've probably seem that commercial that runs on the Cat Channel whose tagline is "Hamster - The Other White Meat."

Laughing: I'm transcribing Monkeyboy's answer: Dear Laughing: Yes, Ted is a Teddy Bear hamster. I know what you mean when you say I'm lucky he's not a Siberian hamster. LOL.

Laughing: This is from me. Thanks for the opportunity to explain the word slut to my nine-year-old. ;)

laughing said...

Do I even want to know how that went?

On a more serious note, how long have you had Ted and have you had hamsters before? Do you know what to do if he gets wet tail or seems to go into hibernation?

David in DC said...

a) It went fine. Oddly enough, he'd come home from school with the word "ho" on Friday. RFB hadda deal with that one.

I used this to reinforce what she'd said and to explain the actual meaning of this newest addition to his vocabulary.

Mostly, I'm guessing, he heard that wah-wah-wah sound the adults make in Peanuts cartoons.

But I think he gets that both are mean words about girls, that they both have something to do with having sex (which he knows about but thinks is icky), and that at least a ho gets paid.

We also talked about the differences in the way some men talk in locker rooms vs. the way we mensches talk both in locker rooms and in polite company.

b) Monkeyboy took every book out of the elemenatary school library he could find before we got the hamster. We know wetail. We know hibernation. We know gnawing so that teeth don't grow through the opposite lip. We know Teddy Bears are less aggressive than Siberians and that females are more aggressive than males.

We also know about breeding. Monkeyboy is not at all interested. He read those chapters and told me he definitely only wanted ONE hamster. He thought the whole topic was icky.

Which pretty much brings me back to where I started.

ANON1 said...

That hamster is HUGE! Teddy Bear hamster I presume?

Anonymous said...

Aw! Monkeyboy and Ted are both so cute!

David in DC said...

A1: Welcome back.

Yup he's a Teddy Bear hamster. Monkeyboy immediately named him Ted because of that. I asked if all the Teddy Bear hamsters get confused if they're all named Ted. He looked at me with the patented look that every nine-year-old uses to convey the notion that grown-ups sure are clueless. Then he told me they all have different last names. Ours has our last name.

Playtah: You'll get no argument from me. :)