Saturday, May 16, 2009

How'd I Miss This?

We're big fans of the wonderfully subversive albinoblacksheep web site here in the iDC household.

And we're really big fans of The Llama Song.

So how I missed this twist on it during the campaign, I cannot say.

Better late than never:


Migdalor Guy said...

Boy, you are behind. Too much time combing the web for truly useless stuff, you missed two biggies - the Obama Llama song, and the Homer Omer Calender which is 10 years old, if I recall correctly, was among the links I sent out to religious school parents when I was at BEHC!! Of course, because it was about the Omer, it probably got ignored as being "too Jewish" or because I was "trying to turn the kids onto Conservative Jews!!"

David in DC said...

I remember getting the Homer thing back when you were being tortured ... um ... employed at B.E. I had thought I got it from Rabbi J. Lo., but it could easily have been you.

I put it up this year for a Chabadnik friend who I didn't think had seen it.

But you're right on the Obama Llama song. Monkeyboy and his friend S. sing the original at the drop of a hat. He found the Obama version last week.

"Too much time combing the web for truly useless stuff". I love it.

I'm going straight to the google translater to change it into Latin and emboss it on a faux family crest.

Which reminds me, a Vietnamese restaurant was cited for fraud in Annandale, last week. They were serving faux pho.