Monday, July 2, 2007

Instant Karma

RFB and Monkeyboy gave me a cool Green Day T-shirt and an unbelievably good 2-cd set of various artists playing John Lennon tunes for my birthday.

Click Here to get yours. Money from the sale of both items helps fund Amnesty International's efforts in Darfur.

U2 opens the festivities with a brilliant "Instant Karma".

Soon after, Aerosmith and Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars sing "Give Peace a Chance".

Steven Tyler screams the lyrics nobody ever knows (Baggism, Shaggism, etc ...). The choruses build and build and build until you just know John's smiling a wry smile down on the whole shebang. If you believe in that sort of thing.

Los Lonely Boys shine on "Whatever Gets You Through the Night." Lenny Kravetz wails on "Cold Turkey." Big and Rich hit a home run with "Nobody Told Me."

And I haven't even heard the 2nd disc yet.

I'll betchya Avril Lavigne doing "Imagine" will be as good as anything I've heard so far.

Matisyahu doing "Watching the Wheels" promises to be an experience to remember. That one could be a train wreck. I'll let you know.

I haven't ranted about Darfur in a while, but it should never be too far from our minds. is a good place to go to see what else you can do.

But at the very least, please consider buying the record. It's a classic.

UPDATE: I'm sooooo 20th century. You can buy individual tunes too.


laura b. said...

I'm so jealous! I really, really want that CD. I just may have to treat myself and I'd feel great knowing the money is going to Amnesty International.

And please, until the genocide is ended, don't ever stop ranting about Darfur.

mielikki said...

oooh, going to buy it now, for multiple reasons, Darfur and Amnesty International 2 of them

Anonymous said...

I can safely say I will not buy mentioned U2 right off the bat.

The causes are good, but I can live without most pop stars, I somehow feel that they are not truly sincere in their approach and are only doing something for yet more recognition and ego fulfillment.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That was really nice of Monkeyboy.. He is such a great kid... Happy Belated B-Day

Tara said...

Wonderful gift!

Happy Belated Birthday, too!

ANON1 said...

Throw some Karma my way DIDC; I lost a 4 team parlay last night by ONE game.

We want TED!

Churlita said...

Happy belated birthday. My daughter, who normally rants about Darfur, is away at camp this week. So, feel free, it will make me feel right at home.

midc said...

instant karma is really cool!

ANON1 said...

I hit a 4 game parlay since posting here.

Come on Karma.

ANON1 said...

And Happy Belated Birthday my friend.

ANON1 said...

WOW! Won another parlay. Need another dose of karma. If I can get my money from the book, I will donate some to a SAVE DARFUR charity.

ANON1 said...

Instant Karma~