Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Playing Molecule

So, I visited Atlantic City with a gaggle of pals. We're all allegedly grown men, ranging in age from 28 - 44.

A bunch of them got to the common suite we all used as home base before me and started a game that lasted the weekend. It's called "Molecule".

Home base was on the top floor of a time share building; a suite that slept 10, more-or-less comfortably. (Being a degenerate gambler, I had use of a comped room at a boardwalk casino for sleeping, but I spent a lot of waking hours at the time-share suite.)

The tradition apparently arose in their first trip up the elevator shaft before I arrived. I was in for a rude surprise the first time I got in an elevator with them.

As the elevator rose 30+ floors, these nuts began tossing their bodies (and mine) randomly off the walls of the ascending cab.

As molecules go, at least in this crowd, I'm more a helium or hydrogen than a strontium, lead or cesium.

For the remainder of the trip, I tried only to enter elevators when there were non-members of our posse also entering. Mostly, these lawyers, CPA's and entrepreneurs can be counted on to behave, in public.


More tales to follow.

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