Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ANON1's Answers

ANON1 said...
I will BUCK the system. Interview me and post the answers on your blog. Your traffic would increase tenfold. The mind of ANON1 is a terrible thing to waste.You have my e-mail address Slim Jim. Now accept the challenge.

1) Don Imus got what was coming to him. Yes or no, and why?

1) Don Imus was singled out and fired for the wrong reasons. Black comedians like Chris Rock and Eddie Griffin make fun of white people calling them "crackers" but nothing happens to them. Why? Because they are minorities and minorities are allowed to get away with murder. Look at OJ Simpson. Perfect example of the reverse racism that goes on in this country. Howard Stern got away with it for a long time because he was a Jewish male who made fun of everyone including his own people but eventually he was pushed off of public radio also. Don Imus + Old White Male + Mild Racial Comments = White Devil Witch Hunt. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should be imprisoned for promoting racial intolerance among their own people. Why don't they go after the majority of rappers for calling each other the N word or calling women bitches and hos?

2) Gay Arabic translators in the military are being discharged, as a matter of policy, if they refuse to stay in the closet. Assume that the discharges are popular with the vast majority in the military. Assume also that this policy is demonstrably impairing the U.S. ability to fight the current wars we're engaged in. Are the discharges a good idea?

2)Openly gay men in the military bring down morale and decrease the overall effectiveness of a team. Why do we need translators anyway? Shoot at will and let God sort them out.

3) Place these three attributes in their order of importance in choosing a woman to ask on a date: sense of humor, intelligence, looks.

3) Looks, intelligence, sense of humor. Think I am wrong on this? Ask any male if they find Rosie O'Donnell attractive.

4) What place(s) have you never been to that you would like to visit on a week-long vacation, assuming cost is no object nor are accessability nor the fact that it's hard to get away for a week?


5) What's your favorite book from childhood?

5) James & the Giant Peach


Anonymous said...

I like tthe flag of Ibiza because it looks like four hands flipping people off. :)

Rachel said...

PLaytah ~ I was thinking the exact same thing!

I agree with Anon1 about Don Imus.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...the Imus thing is stupid. Al Sharpton should go retire to a volcanic island where he can't hurt anyone anymore :)

Anonymous said...


First, sometimes minorities do get away with murder, but you have to remember that getting away with murder is an American tradition with a decidedly white pedigree, boasting such luminaries as Aaron Burr, Andrew Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and even, according to reports, a few Kennedys. That seems less of a problem than the fact that a lot of minorities get an on-scene death penalty for misdemeanors. White guys rarely have that experience.

Second, if Imus were truly to get what was coming to him, he would have been hacked to death by Gwen Ifill long ago. That said, live by the market, die by the market. Even if they are sometimes wrong and wrongheaded, I am grateful to Al, Jesse, and others for forcing us to confront these issues.

Third, perhaps we ought to purposefully recruit gay Arabic translators for the military. Evidently, these blokes are specially intimidating to military personnel the world over. We need every edge we can get.

ANON1 said...

Hah! Non-US citizens i.e blokes from England should not have a say on American topics. We defeated your country over two hundred years ago. GET OVER IT!

David in DC said...

"I will BUCK the system. Interview me and post the answers on your blog. Your traffic would increase tenfold."

Nope, it's still the juggernaut in the high single digits it's always been, even with posting your answers.

Good answers too, by the way, thanks.

Playtah and Rachel, thanks for commenting.

Especially thanks, Rachel, for moving this chain forward. I think a lot of folks are gonna blog on this before it's through.

(And Thanks Mielikki for being the link in the chain before Rachel.)

This was fun.

Billamonster, welcome, come again soon. The rest of us won't hold it against you if you think a truck is a lorry or a trunk is a boot.

We're just two peoples separated by a common language.

Tara said...

I liked reading "James & the Giant Peach". The movie (or the parts I watched) was a little freaky, but I definitely liked the book.

laughing said...

I still think Anon1 should have his own blog. I didn't realize someone was causing him problems at work because of it. Wouldn't getting a new blog solve the problem, or has he already tried that?

And I'm sorry that the Anon1 interview did not improve David's ratings. Is it sweeps week or something?

Anonymous said...

Great answers and a bit surprising...

Revs Al and Jesse are going to get theirs eventually. They have both already slipped a couple of times, but continue to spew their brand of "non-racism".

Aunty Christ said...

Isn't part of the whole interview thing that the interviewee has to play interviewer to whoever asks? If so, I want Anon1 to interview me next. I think. I've loved his work ever since "fat people suck."

ANON1 said...

ANON1 will open a new blog if and only if other lame bloggers stop moderating comments.

David in DC said...

Tara: I'm with you on both the book. The movie is definitely freaky but i loved it. Roald Dahl (the author) was pretty freaky himself.

Laughing: No sweeps week and no worries. I think the juggernaut may now have risen into double-digits. If Aunty keeps coming around, anyway.

e-e: Thanks. Coming up w/different q's for you, your bro, Tara and A1 was a challenge.

Aunty: That's the funniest icon and profile I've seen in quite a while. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come often.

[Moderator's note: If no one reading considers himself or herself a "lame blogger", then no one need take offense or respond. to that unkind characterization.

A1: Aunty's e-mail is on her profile. Give a 96-year-old lady a thrill, throw 5 q's ger way.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of giant peaches.