Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Many Teams Are in the Atlantic 10?

Strangely, the answer to this question is 14.

Twelve play in the A-10 Tournament. GW was one of the two lowly A-10 teams that didn't.

So the roadtrip featured less live basketball watching than last year. Still, the Temple/St. Joes final was pretty awesome. St. Joes was up at the half, and played 20 minutes of excellent basketball. They were playing WAY over their heads.

Temple came roaring out of the locker room at halftime, made up the 7 or 8 points they were down in a flash, and took possession of the game. They built a comfortable lead and never lost control of it. Great coaching and great heart.

I had a good time palling around with guys I rarely see. There were hijinks and shenanigans.

I got to play a little blackjack, which was a good thing.

Re-entry at work has been pretty overwhelming. Witness no posts despite being home since Sunday. Sorry.

Monkeyboy's finger is healing. No pain, and we're down to just a band aid and a hydrogen peroxide finger bath nightly, when we change the band aid.

He can throw a ball and, as of Monday night, can hold a violin bow correctly.

The attic has a suspicious hole. We can put a hav-a-hart trap up there, but the problem remains until the squirelly little hole is repaired. So, for the moment, we're calling roofers and awaiting another squirrel visitation. If a squirrel returns to the attic before the roofers, I'm going up there and politely asking him to leave.

That oughta work, right?


Churlita said...

Hijinks AND shenanigans? That sounds like almost more than I can handle.

Moonbeam said...

Not sure if your squirrel plan will work by just being polite. Most have a really short attention span and are, for lack of a better word...squirrelie acting. You might wanna have some nuts in your hand. Remember a nut in the hand is worth a squirrel in your attic, or something like that :)

Evil-E said...

The Atlantic 10 with 14 teams and the Big Ten has 11 teams. These ARE colleges we are talking about, right?

Glad you had some fun and hijinks and shenanigans. I wonder though, no antics or tom-fullery?

dmarks said...

Yes, the Big 10 has 11 teams. The most recently added are the Penn State Nittany Lions.

I always consider Notre Dame the unnamed (and non game-ranked) 12th member. At least football-wise They are almost in the geographic center of the Big 10, they play Big 10 teams a lot, and the matches with the Big 10 teams seem so important to Notre Dame and these teams.

dmarks said...

Churlita: At least there weren't monkeyshines. That would have been WAYYYY too much!