Monday, May 7, 2007


Didja watch the Republican "debate"?

I've watched 2 of these now, one with a similarly large field of Democrats.

There's a basic flaw in the format they're using --- in favor of the more famous.

If Dennis Kucinich or Tom Tancredo says something that resembles a good idea (or even provides an indication of sanity), only the wonkiest of politics-watchers will be sure which particular middle-aged white guy he is. And remember to associate that idea with that candidate.

If you're Guiliani or Clinton or Obama or McCain, you don't have this problem.

We've had the technology to solve this one since the invention of ... oh ... calligraphy.

They oughtta put names on the podiums (podia?).

And as long as I'm puttin' up links, I might as well provide one for the guy I think is the best in the field. RICHARDSON IN '08.


ANON1 said...

Darkness is spreading. I'm Rick James B$TCH!!!

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Churlita said...

I have a hard time watching debates. It all seems like so much lip service marketing.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the debates is not necessarily the candidates, it is the media that covers them in such a hackneyed fashion. I like to watch them to see if answers change from one debate to the next. You would be amazed.

You said Kucinich, I am in his district unfortunately. He spends too much time worrying about playing politics and not enough time taking care of his constituants. He was the mayor of Cleveland that was responsible for the city going into default in the 70's.

David in DC said...

A1: um, yeah.

(Note to self for future posts: (A) Rick James, proud son of Buffalo, NY.

(B) Cocaine is a hell of a drug)

Churl: I started responding and found I had a new post. It'll be up in a coupla minutes.

E-e: Not amazed at all. But it does make ya cynical.

Kucinich is nuts, but entertaining.