Monday, October 8, 2007

My Duet Partner is Also a Music Video Producer

And an all-around swell kid:

IMPORTANT NOTE: We've discovered that the youtub link works better if you don't start it 'til the Save Darfur ad is done loading.


Moonbeam said...

Very cool!! Bravo! You have great pipes.

When is your CD gonna be released? :)

I bet Bruce is gonna call and want you as an opener.

Btw...MIDC, you are a super duper producer and video expert.

mielikki said...

Executive Producer, no less.
Good job Midc.

Val said...

Excellent singing and producing! Hearing those songs brought back my childhood! :)

laura b. said...

Wow! DiDC and MiDC are the duo to watch and now we know!
You guys sounded great and your production is top notch.

Jeremy Schiffres, City Editor said...

David playing "Friend of the Devil." I'm having an acid flashback (without the benefit of the acid).

David in DC said...

Moonbeam: Thanks. No CD in the offing. Regrettably, I'm a dreadful songwriter. Or at least an unoriginal one. My tunes always turn out, on subsequent listening, to be so derivative as to probably be actionable for copyright infringement. My lyrics are usually of the moon june spoon variety.

And you can only get away with rhyming orange and door hinge once.

Still, if Bruce calls, I'm ready to open with a bunch of covers. Bruce, you reading?

I agree totally about the little monkey's skills. You can never go wrong praising a kid to his dad.

Mielikki: MiDC says thanks. (He's engrossed with killing Trandoshans in a new PSP game at the moment.)

Val: Thanks. And thanks from midc, as well. I think you and I may have had similar music scores running in the backgrounds of our childhoods.

Laura: Thanks. One of these days I need to post about the deal we made to get Monkeyboy to create this video. It was his first professional commission. But he was so unsophisticated about it thart, after I proposed the commission, I had to then negotiate with my self on his behalf, to get him a fair price.

And I forgot to take out an agent's commission. Ah well, it woulda been a conflict of interest if I had.

Folks, the city editor's not joking. My repertoire has not changed much since he first heard me play that song almost 3 decades ago. Thanks for reminding me, Jeremy. I think.

midc said...

THanks yall!
i would type more but DiDc wont let me stay here and not in my bed
for very long ;)

Tara said...

Dynamic Duo! You guys rocked! Do you take requests? :D I love that song "This Land is Your Land".