Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ted Returns

I promised Ted he'd be featured fortnightly. That makes these pics 4 days late.

He's letting it slide this time, but tells me to expect a call from his International Brotherhood of Hamsters union rep if it happens again.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention by one of the two photographers that I neglected to include his photo credit.
1st three pics: Monkeyboy in DC
Next three pics: RFB


Moonbeam said...

I just imagine Ted singing "Big Wheel Keep on Turnin'...rollin', rollin' rollin' on shredded paper, as he happily struts round that wheelthingie.

Looks like David is giving Ted some wheely tips and having a serious conversation in one photo.

Bless his lil beady eyes...he's fuzzzzycute as ever. Nice hair dooo too.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Well you are both kinda fuzzy looking.. But I think the Hamster is adorable.. and I like the T-shirt.. But can't make out what it says..

ANON1 said...

YES. Ted is back! What a great weekend for ANON1. Devils close it out in six, good Seafood last night and now TED.

Ted is packing on some lbs. WHat are you feeding old TED?

Lose the beard though.

dmarks said...

What BabyBull said; yeah, what is on the T-shirt?

Moonbeam said...

My guess bout the T-shirt is....

Bruce Springsteen Tunnel Of Love Express Tour

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the hamster...

Those hamster special interests can be a real pain in the butt from what I hear, you are lucky you posted when you did.

Churlita said...

I like your t-shirt and you should keep your beard if you and your wife are happy with it.

Oh yeah, Ted is a rock star.

David in DC said...

moonbeam: Actually Ted was giving me stock advice. Taking stock tips from hamsters is what got me to be the finacial mogul I am today.

"Bless his lil beady eyes...he's fuzzzzycute as ever. Nice hair dooo too." --- Ted, right? :)

babybull: Moonbeam beat me to explaining the t-shirt. (Kinda proud I still fit in a t-shirt I bought at an '88 Springsteen concert.)

ANON1: That's just about the definition of a great weekend. Seafood in your neck of the woods is great because it's fresh.

It sorta figures that you're a fan of Devils.

I prefer the beard because I hate shaving. RFB prefers the beard, but only when it's close-cropped like in the picture.

(When I let it get long and scraggly, it's usually a warning sign that my emotional balance is slipping - I just care less about my appearance. RFB notices it before me sometimes, which I think is why she prefers it close cropped.)

Also, shaving off half of it is a Halloween and Purim tradition for me, so I'm always bearded in October and March.

dmarks: see moonbeam's answer and/or my response to babybull.

moonbeam: You win today's sharp-eyed eagle award. (Sweepstakes winners must be 18 or over. Void where prohibited by law.)

e-e: The Hamsters aren't quite as strong as when they were when led by legendary Hamster General President James R. Hamster, who disappeared under mysterious circumstyances in 1975.

But they're rebuilding under his son, James P. Hamster.

churlita: RFB agrees with you on all counts.

ANON1 said...

Bad part of the weekend David is that I was at a bar on Saturday that was, shall we say, "country". When they turned the lights on after last call I was the prettiest person in the joint. Now I am a good looking guy and was told by a female companion that I was "Hollywood" handsome but it's scary to be at a bar with all toothless wonders. All time worst moment happened the same night. Lights go up and all I see is BACKNE on most of the women. Never again my friend will I venture that far off of an Interstate in Florida.

David in DC said...

C'mon, you must be as used to being the prettiest person in the joint as I am.

I've gotten tired of turning down that "People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive" cover over the years.

Next time those pests call, I'm sending 'em your way.

Moonbeam said...

Ummm...ahuh sure I was referring to Ted. :)

Wahoooo!! I won a prize! I will be keeping an Eagle eye on my mailbox for the award to arrive. I have already cleared a place for it on the mantel.