Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dolt and a Sith Lord

President Bush is the worst kind of dolt.

A real "surge" of troops would be over 100,000 and would require re-institution of a draft and a 6-month lag for any kind of decent training. We're now sending reservists and National Guardsmen on their 3rd tour-of-duty in 24 months.

The Pentagon had to change policy to do it. And that's just what's needed to power Dubya's phony and predictably futile "surge".

You cannot police a civil war with the paltry number of boots we have on the ground. The generals have said so all along. Our soldiers are valiant but our civilian leadership is daft.

We should not gear up for more of this nonsense. We should get out.

I do not believe we should further involve ourselves in policing the Iraqi Civil War.

I do not believe it is in our nation's vital interests to tell one more American soldier to go on over there and be the last man to die in a losing cause, all on account of a stubborn Texan with more resolve than common sense.

And the Sith Lord Cheney who counsels him further and further down the path of the dark side of the Force.


ANON1 said...

Wow! That sounded like it came from a HUGE NERD! Awesome job at mixing Star Wars into politics.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, you're an idiot! All of your nunbers are way off, your assumptions're just a mindless Demo-worm spewing back liberal talking points you read/heard somewhere, aren't you?

100,000 troops would end up stumbling all over each other. The job of the new troops is not to fight the fight FOR the Iraquis, it's to take over support functions to free up Iraqui forces to fight for themselves.

Like all Democrats your blind, unreasoning hatred of Bush has turned you into a traitor to your own country.

David in DC said...

A1: Thanks. New Pavlov Record: 16 minutes from post to salivation.

Anonymous: Leaving aside namecalling, my numbers are accurate and my assumptions are on the mark. You announcing, anonymously, that they're not is kind of a weak riposte.

I've read/heard no talking points on this. It's my own analysis based on open source data.

Sending in new U.S. troops to prop up our allied "government" so its own troops can get out there and fight the war has a sad pedigree in American military strategery.

I fear we haven't learned from our mistakes. Or at least our Commander-in-Chief hasn't.

I don't exactly hate Dubya but I do hold him in contempt. My contempt is neither blind nor unreasoning. It's the product of years of being misled and lied to, and years of hearing phony assurances, explanations and exhortations.

I reject your accusation of treason and caution you that criticism of my country, when it is wrong, is the opposite of treason. It is patriotism. If you understand otherwise, you badly misunderstand what is great about America and about being an American.

ANON1 said...

I like this new ANONYMOUS. Take over for me brother!!!

Anonymous said...

David, AMEN!!! President Bush is only concerned about his own agenda, not what's best for this country. He has repeatedly refused to listen to generals, forces on the ground in Iraq, committees set up to evaluate the war, world allies, democratic suggestions, people from his own party, and 70% of the American people. I don't know if it's Texas that screwed him up (I wouldn't object to selling Texas off to Mexico), or if he's just so ignorant and stubborn, or if Cheney has his hand so far up Bush's ass that he can put on a puppet show. But whatever the reason, he is making a significantly negative impact on our foreign relations, our economy, our safety, and our people.

laughing said...

So I guess you guys actually watched the President last night. I didn't know real people did that.

If I'd have known there was going to be a test...

David in DC said...

A1: There's room for more than one of you.

But, just as an aside, I prefer a poster like you than a drive-by, run-of-the-mill, anonymous troll.

I don't know your real surname or many real facts about you, but you are not really anonymous either.

You are ANON1, a person (or maybe just a persona) I can respond to here, on your own blog, or even by e-mail at your American Psycho address.

Seems a lot more sportsmanlike and in the spirit of fair play than the truly anonymous hate-spewer beneath your first post.

Playtah: Thanks for the Amen. Now if I can just get the image of the Sith Lord fisting Dubya out of my mind, I might be able to keep my lunch down.

Laughing: We'll make the quiz easy this time. Fill in the blank: President Bush broadcast his speach from the ______ House.

ANON1 said...

Well David I will no longer be writing on my blog and this will be my last day commenting as well.
Good luck with everything and you have my e-mail address if you need to contact me.

laughing said...

I think President Bush broadcast his speech from the White House. A color question. I'm a bit of an artist. I should at least get that one right.

Now if you ask me where the Vice President lives that's harder. I think it is the Naval something or other. I think it has something to do with astronomy or something like that.

Anyway, they both live in Washington, and if it gets hit with something they are both going to die, so why didn't they just make the white house a duplex so it would be easier for them to talk to each other?