Monday, May 14, 2007

Privacy in the 21st Century

This is terribly humorous.

And humorously terrible.

I hope we're not as close to this as I fear we may be.

Click Here.


Moonbeam said...

Happy and grumbly face at the same time. Its good we can laugh at things like this.

Gotta keep our senses of humor or Big Brother will getcha.

My happy face won out on this one.

Note: As far as privacy even havta pull your panties up quickly when using a restroom away from never know :)

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is not that bad of an idea.. well not to that extreme.. still pretty funny

Anonymous said...

I had written a very crabby post about this subject a long time ago. I, myself do not care what people know at this point because I am far too uninteresting for anyone to care.

(the screen in that little demo looks like the screens I stare at all day at work. I have access to SS#s, bank accounts, Fed IDs, and the tax information on about 100,000 people)