Sunday, December 20, 2009

Angry Comments

As the three of you still reading this blog (but not looking for Funny Pumpkin Pictures, Funny Turkey Pictures, or Funny Santa Pictures) probably know, a blogger sometimes gets angry, thoughtful, thought-provoking criticism. For example, I posted a link to Naughty T-Shirts on my FaceBook page. I labelled it "[n]ot suitable for viewers under 21." Here's a contrary view:
Not for under 21? More like not for over 25. I was under the impression you consider yourself a feminist. Pictures of young woman with their body parts exposed and their heads decapitated is about as anti-feminist as it gets. These girls are young enough to be your daughter. Do you think any mother or father would want these photos of their daughters proliferated around the internet? If someone took a photo of your son at this age, would you want some older man putting it up on his blog?
A blogger also sometimes gets comments that defy characterization as anything but nuts. For examples, see the recent comments on this ancient post.

The first kind gets my attention. The second kind, not so much.

Oddly enough, both writers commented overnight last night --- the first things I saw in my in-box this morning.

Right after I posted it, I got opinions from three intelligent women I trust about the Naughty T-Shirts post. Friend A thought it juvenile. Friend B found it hurtful. Friend C thought it funny. Told of the first two opinions, Friend C volunteered "I think someone needs to lighten up."

So far here's the tally:

Three opposed to the post (Friend A, Friend B, and the FaceBook poster quoted above.)

Two for it: (Friend C and myself.)

What do you think?


Aline C said...

"Lighten up" is the default unenlightened response to feminist critique. But it doesn't offer anything other than an "I'm cool" pose. Not so much angry as really disappointed in you - promoting those pictures is bad form, especially coming from someone who teaches young women and views himself as a non-lecherous feminist; one of the good guys. I just know you can do a hell of a lot better.

Bubblewench said...

I think the shirts are pretty damn funny myself. Lighten up people! Life's too short.

Moonbeam said...

I think the shirts are funny too...however I think some women wish they could wear a shirt like that and therefore feel hurt inside that they cannot look good in one. I am "lightened up" enuff to see the funny side. That is the free spirit in me that will never change. Life is way too short, that I do agree on.