Monday, May 3, 2010


Today's post is not written by me. It's the result of a stupid Facebook quiz. Nonetheless, it's unsettling.

David took the "What is your soul like?" quiz and the result is Tired.

You are a tired soul. Perhaps you're just tired from being so busy all the time, working hard. Maybe it's school, or supporting a family. Maybe you take too much on your shoulders, the whole weight of the world... Whatever the reason, you just crave some relaxation. At ...the moment, you could care less about whats going on right now. Well, maybe you care, but you're just getting tired of caring. You are just plain tired of having a bunch of junk dumped on your life and you feel like you deserve a break. And if you've been working hard, then heck yes. Take a break before you really begin to go numb and forget to care.

I doubt the damn app can pass the Turing test.

But one will, some day.

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Moonbeam said...

You said it yourself...its just a dumb stupid app. Dont take it too seriously. If you find a few words of wisdom there then use em and forget the other things. Nuttin' wrong with a little R&R.