Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday 5: Last Resorts

I found this today, by way of What Fresh Hell is This, which you really ought to be reading. Here are my answers. Feel free to play along, either on your own blog or in the comments here.

1) What’s something you wear only when you’re just about out of clean clothes?
Briefs with half of the cotton detached from the waistband. Sorta like unintentional drop-seat underpants.

2) Who’s someone you hang out with only if nobody else is available?
Judge Judy. Nah, that's not true. I'd rather watch static.

3) What’s something you eat only when the budget is really, really tight?

4) Who’s someone you call for help only if you absolutely must?
Anyone I already owe cash.

5) What’s something you’ll watch on television only because it’s slightly better than watching nothing?
Not Judge Judy.

Ummm, The Suite Life: On Deck?

Or maybe reruns of Gene Rayburn, Brett Sommers and the gang, on Match Game, on the Gameshow Network.

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dmarks said...

I actually saw a several of those Suite Deck shows last summer. Or maybe it was just one, and it seems like it was several.