Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jeannemarie Devolites Davis Inadvertently Uses Classic Vote Suppresion Scam

Elders who have fought the good fight to enfranchise the disenfranchised for longer than I've been able to string together complete sentences say this echoes a classic, grass-roots voter suppression scam.

It was an accident, Jeannemarie?

OK, you're incompetent.

Because if it was on purpose, somebody's probably eligible for 6 months at a Club Fed.

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Anonymous said...

I think any and all politicians and wanna be politicians should be charged with littering during and after campaign season. Their fliers and brochures are everywhere, their signs make front lawns in neighborhoods look atrocious, and just the mere presence of these people (all Rep., Dem., Ind.)tends to stink up an area.

Boo campaign season.....

dmarks said...

I was in Manchester, New Hampshire a few days before that famous primary, during the last election cycle. There were thousands of yellow Wesley Clark signs in the highway medians, placed in very long rows just inches from each other.

Not only am I fed up with the signs, I am fed up with joke candidates who waste everyone's time (Clark, Gary Bauer, Kucinic, etc.) and are good for nothing but laughs at debates.

Churlita said...

Don't move to Iowa then. Since we have the first caucusses, there are signs in every yard and politicians campaigning on every street corner in the state.