Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Another Bumper Snicker

A frequent commenter reports that she saw this on a bumper sticker this morning:

I can't find the bumper sticker on the web but I did find the phrase on this sign. It comes from a song by Michael Franti.

Appropriate comment: That's liberal bullshit.

Appropriate comment: David is full of liberal bullshit.

Appropriate comment: It's this kind of liberal bullshit that's going to have us all learning Arabic from camel-humping ragheads.

Inappropriate comment: Frequent Commenter is full of shit.

Inappropriate comment: Frequent Commenter is a bottom-feeding scumsucker.

Inappropriate comment: Frequent Commenter has sex with goats.

Inappropriate comment: Frequent Commenter is a no-account loser whose child should be fed to raghead-humping camels.

Does that help?


Rachel said...

Frequent Commenter just might have something there.
I love when a phrase is turned around to make a completely different point.

laughing said...

Come on David. Have some fun.

Camels do not eat meat. And they do not hump ragheads. They hump other camels, and maybe big piles of blankets recently carried by other camels.

Frequent commenter might be a goat and have an appropriate relationship with another goat.

If frequent commenter is a bottom-feeding scumsucker, his typing skills with fins are impressive.

Frequent commenter might be full of shit because her car was in the shop and she couldn't get to the drugstore.

I have a friend named David who trains bears and tigers. He might not appreciate one of the other comments.

Don't you have anything to say about Star Trek?

ANON1 said...

Oh man here it goes...

Fucking liberal tree hugging smelly hippies should stick to protesting by climbing and living in trees. What a bunch of liberal democratic bullshit. Bunch of left wing breast feeding babies.

I will finally say it too...


David in DC said...

Rachel: Me too.

I also love palindromes, which are kind of the opposite. They switch everything around to say exacly the same thing (i.e. they read the same, forwards or backwards.)

Some of my favorites:

A man, a plan, a canal --- Panama
(About Teddy Roosevelt)

Able was I, ere I saw Elba. (Attributed to Napoleon)

Madam, I'm Adam.
(Allegedly the first pick-up line ever spoken).

Laughing: I get your point. I hope you, and everyone else, gets mine.

As to Star Trek I have two points to make:

1) We already own an electric tribble (whose battery case opening looks suspiciously vaginal). We hope Ted's not growing into a biological version.

2) Frank Gorshin was obviously a loser in that whole black-and-white face episode. The other guy was clearly his superior. I guess mindless superstition and bigotry are what separate us from the lower animals.

3) Steak sauce: Thank you for directing that out at fucking liberal tree hugging smelly hippies in general. It's way more "in bounds" than calling any of my individual guests such a thing.

As I said before, calling me such a thing is "in bounds" too.

Thanks for playing.

Nancy Pelosi in 2007!

dmarks said...

David, we need a palindrome post. My favorite: Mary Belle Byram. She was a real person. The palindrom works with the full name, with the middle initial, and without any middle initial at all.

Moonbeam said...

Big smile here :)

Anonymous said...

I can always count on being entertained by the people who comment on your posts; they really keep that 'all people have admirable qualities I just can't see yet' feeling of mine in check ;-)

Anonymous said...

A waste is a terrible thing to mind...

A mind is a terrible thing to taste...

I did see a bumper sticker (to get back on the subject at hand) that was a take on a popular one. This sticker simply said, "even Jesus thinks you are an a$$hole"

Tara said...

You could buy some bumper sticker paper that you can print out from your computer. I bought some, but I hardly ever use it. But you can put whatever saying you want on the computer and then print it out with the bumper sticker stuff. I think Kodak makes it.

David in DC said...

dmarks: Palindrome post, check. Let's see who gets to it first.

moonbeam: Thanks for tipping me to the original bumper sticker. :)

evil-e: Those are great.

tara: There's also some outfit online where you can order personalized bumper stickers pretty cheaply. One of my poker buddies' wives made one in the middle of shrub's 1st term that read "Don't blame me, I voted for peace and prosperity."

Churlita said...

Wow. I was going to try and comment, but I'm kind of dumbstruck after reading the other comments. It's been very entertaining today.

David in DC said...

EK: That's the spirit. Another way to look at it is this: "Everyone brings joy by walking through a door --- some by entering ..."

Churlita: Dumbstruck, wow. I'm guessing it's fair to bet that happend somewhat infrequently.

Glad to provide a dollop or two of entertainment.

David in DC said...


rassin' frassin' typos

Rachel said...

My brother has a sign business and can make any sign including bumper stickers.
And t-shirts. He can make a t-shirt saying anything. I have requested a couple from him.
It is great.