Monday, March 19, 2007


The Washington Post runs a great feature on Sundays, in the Style Section. But it has a stupid name.

It's called "Life is Short: Autobiography as Haiku." But the pieces it runs in this feature are not haikus. They are short biographical sketches.

Nonetheless, here's a great one. It fits in with my old Let's All be Merry and Gay post, and with Rachel's two most recent ones at A Comedienne's Sidekick.


laura b. said...

Sort of like cute little Chicken Soup for the Soul moments. Lovely.

Rachel said...

I love that. So cute.

David in DC said...

l.b.: Exactly. I just wish whoever named the feature understood that haiku means a very specific kind of three-line poem. It's not a synonym for "short".

Rachel: I thought of you and D's recent conversations on this topic as soon as I saw this.