Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Beautiful Boy

Over on the Save Darfur advertisement to the right, you can hear 20 seconds of Ben Harper singing John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy", a song written for Sean Lennon when he was small.

It's a song I really get.

MIDC turned ten in the wee hours of the morning this morning. Ten years ago today, I remember being thrilled with his timing:
  • It was the only night the Orioles hadn't been playing on TV (this was back before Washington had the Nats)
  • It had been the night of the annual condo board meeting and I'd had the best reason in the world not to attend.
  • By shuffling onto this mortal coil after midnight, he'd bought himself, and RFB, an extra day's recovery at the hospital

He's given us a gazillion things more to be thrilled about since then.

We eat cake and open presents tonight and hit the road tomorrow for our annual visit to Atlantic City. (For my birthday, we go to Chuck E. Cheese's).

We've got ocean swimming, miniature golf, ski-ball, and tickets to see the Atlantic City Surf on the agenda for Wednesday through Sunday. Also boardwalk hot dogs, one of the bestest candy stores in the whole world across from Caesar's, and (if Dad's been winning at blackjack) rides in pushcarts. And an amusement park on the big pier. With bumper cars.

It's 2 days off of work for me and RFB, 2 days of family instead of sports camp for Monkeyboy (with a prospect of Uncle L. driving down to join us for the ballgame), and a no-deadlines atmosphere for 5 full days. Hoorah.

See you when we get back.


Churlita said...

Happy Birthday Monkey Boy! I wish my birthday had been as fun.

Moonbeam said...

Happy Birthday Tooooo Youuuuuu and mannnnnnny moooooooore MIDC. Have a great 10th!

Atlantic City sounds fun, have a good trip y'all. Take your time going but hurry back.

laura b. said...

Happy Birthday to Monkeyboy. You are going to love being 10! And 5th grade is awesome :-)

mielikki said...

Happy Birthday to Monkey Boy. Now that he's 10 he can at least play slot machines, right? LOL. Have fun

Suzie said...

what no salt water taffys? dinner at Morrison's? how about Absecon what kind of a name is that?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday MiDC, hope you work on getting that Wii some more. Good luck.

Aunty Christ said...

Happy birthday, Monkeyboy! Sounds like a heckuva lot of fun coming up, but hey--your parents must think you're some kinda kid to warrant such a great birthday trip. Enjoy!

midc said...

Thank you thank you thank you!

I hope you all have a great day while im in atlantic city!

Val said...

Happy 10th birthday Monkey Boy! Enjoy the trip - sounds wonderful!