Monday, October 15, 2007

Candidate Shopping

Minnesota Public Radio has developed an incredibly useful tool for clarifying your own views on the important national issues of the day and offering you a list of how the 18 (yes, 18) current presidential candidates match up with your views and the intensity with which you hold them.

It takes but a few minutes, and it doesn't prescribe a particular candidate. It just gives you a list of the candidates who, in aggregate, most (and least) match up with you. I was skeptical, but the list it generated matched my own personal ranking of the candidates, in the correct order for me, almost EXACTLY.

It's pretty amazing. Check it out.


Moonbeam said...

This is great. I like the way it lists them and shows the issues. Kinda puts the issues and candidates in a nutshell, making it easier to crack one open. I like it. Thank you for passing this on.

One fault I found with the tool, was after my list of choices came up. I clicked on the head shot of my first choice on the list to go to his website to read more about him and I was unable to click my browser back to the original list, therefore I lost all the information and list of my candidates. No worries, I will just do the quiz over and this time keep my fingers in my lap while reading the results.:)

Churlita said...

So many candidates. the thing about living in Iowa, is that you get to meet them all if you want.

dmarks said...

I really had not made a choice yet. McCain comes out on the top of my list, and Hillary at the bottom. I'm really not that pro-McCain yet, nor am I that anti-Hillary (there's a bunch of candidates I would have ranked below her)

The list is a little out of date: Brownback is on it, and he has pulled out already.

Churlita: And that is when you get Obama stealing pies as they cool on window sills and rumors of Romney sighted stealing hubcaps.

Rachelle said...

I tried a tool similar to this and it gave my a candidate from the Green Party that I'd never heard of... I don't think so.

minijonb said...

I did something like this in 2004. It said my perfect candidates were Carol Mosely Braun and Howard Dean... great people, lousy candidates.

David in DC said...

Moonbeam: Glad you liked it. Sorry for the flaws. If Minnesota Public Radio ever asks me, I'll alert them to the problem. It's easily fixable. Causing a link to open a new window is so easy, even I can do it.

Churl: Heaven for a news and politics junkie like me. Hell for more normal folk.

Dmarks: Must not make neanderthal birth control joke about pulling out. Must not make neanderthal birth control joke about pulling out.

Rachelle: Ah well, nothing's perfect. BTW, because "myspace" is in the title of your blog, I cannot access it from work. G-d, I hate over inclusive firewalls.

Minijonb: I'm with you on Dean. But Carol Mosely Braun is a trainwreck.

laura b. said...

Interesting! I was kind of surprised by my results, but probably wouldn't have been if I were able to keep track of the candidates and where they stand more clearly. I can get a little overwhelmed during the Primaries.

Rachelle said...

Aww, that sucks! I'll consider changing the name for you. ;)