Monday, April 2, 2007

Roto Rooter

I've joined a fantasy baseball league for the first time in a decade.

Spent all day yesterday in a cramped office on the draft. On paper, the Stars of David look good.

And we kicked ass last night. Head to head, I beat my old roommate in 8 out of 11 categories, with ties in the other three.

Today, as of 2:55 pm EDT, we're all tied up.

Anybody else in a "Rotisserie-style" league?


Anonymous said...

"Stars of David" - I love it! Best. Name. Ever.

Moonbeam said...

Nope, I am not in a "Rotisserie-style" league, but I do like Rotisserie Chicken. Singing...Take me out to the ball game, buy me some peanuts and chicken...oppps think its suppose to be cracker jacks. Anyhooo...hoping and roooting for the Stars of David to load the bases and hit the ball out of the park with your fantasy baseball league draft picks.

ANON1 said...


Evil-E said...

Great team name....

I used to be a fantasy nerd. I have not played in a couple of years. Seems a couple of my exes did not see the joy of fantasy baseball. I came close this year, but the gang I was going to go in with backed out at the last moment--we did not have enough people.

PS--I posted a baseball related post yesterday. I took a tour of Jacob's Field and put up a few photos.

David in DC said...

Playtah - Thanks. I've gotta say tho, a friend of mine with the last name Couette (pronounced Coe-ett) had the best team name I've ever heard "The Little Red Couettes"

Moonbeam: Thanks. Crackerjacks, peanuts, chicken mmmmmmmmmm. [DiDCdoes his best Homer Simpson voice.]

A1: Picture of Supersized Ted coming soon.

(He sleeps during the day and Monkeyboy sleeps at night. They have an hour overlap. So scheduling a photography session can be complicated. Last nite we had a seder. We'll try to photograph Ted tonite, next to an ordinary object that gives an idea of his size - maybe a Pringles can.) All I know is that I'm afraid we bought a baby Wookie instead of a baby hamster.)

Evil-e: I'll go look at your post as soon as I'm done typing this.

Churlita said...

I'm not the biggest baseball fan. I like going to games, but I'm not into stats, and I understand that is a huge part of it.

David in DC said...

An absurdly huge part of it.

But it's fun