Monday, February 19, 2007

Bumper Snicker

I'm reading the latest John Lescroart book The Suspect. It's great.

One of the running characters in Lescroart's books, a lawyer called Wes Farrell, prides himself on having the greatest collection of sophomoric and crude t-shirts and bumper stickers on the planet.

I read a description of one of his bumper stickers and knew that, if it existed, I had to post it here. Google images says it does. Here it is:

I love the Internet.

You can buy it here.

Now, here's a version that I assume is a PhotoShop fake, but I can't resist posting it, too.

Really, I love the Internet.


laughing said...

Failure is not an option,
it comes bundled in the software.

He's dead, Jim.
You grab his tricorder, and I'll get his wallet.

Migdalor Guy said...

Note sure how any of this ocnnects, but

Out of the nowhere, and into the

And Bush doesn't need a BJ. He's already effing the US.

Rachel said...

Can we impeach him for sodomy? I feel screwed up the ass every day.

David in DC said...

Laughing: Not sure of your point but I agree with it anyway.

MG: I'm not sure how it ocnects either. And if just screwing us was grounds for impeachment we'd have had way more than 43 presidents in over 2 centuries.

Rachel: As a Wonkette fan from back in the Ana Marie Cox days, I believe no blog can ever have enough assfucking references. Thanks for helping keep up this month's quota. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Great bumpersticker. I also like the one that says, "This bumpersticker was chosen by G_d to mock George W. Bush."

dmarks said...

"I break for insects"

Always a favorite.

laughing said...

How about

"I break for no reason"

David in DC said...

Playtah: I like that one a lot.

By the way guys, I'm such a dolt that I didn't figure out you were submitting additional funny bumper snickers until just now.

MG, Laughing, now I get your posts. Thanks for playing along at home. :)

dmarks: I like it. I've got a link up to your page, now. That should assure you hit's in the low single digits almost every day.

Laughing: I see that every day. (The behavior, not the bumpersticker.) I'd find it more tolerable if they had the bumper sticker. Do you suppose they're giving road tests by mail, these days. Other drivers are definitely getting stupider.