Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Heaven or Hell?

Playtah's most recent post got me to thinking about where'd I'd be spending eternity, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Which reminded me of an old joke. (What doesn't?)

In heaven:
The chefs are French,
The police are English,
The mechanics are German
The bankers are Swiss, and
The lovers are Italian.

In hell:
The chefs are English,
The police are German
The mechanics are French,
The bankers are Italian, and
The lovers are Swiss.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That's funny.. someone sent us this the other day...

Churlita said...

God, I hope I don't go to hell.

minijonb said...

i now have

"heaven is a place on earth"

running through my head. thanks dave, thanks a lot.


mielikki said...

wow, I'd better concentrate on being good, huh?

Anonymous said...

German cops are definitely not a good thing. Being German myself, I wish I could fix something, I am not the most mechanical Kraut on the planet.

I might have to arrange some better chefs for my arrival and subsequent take over when I arrive in my dark kingdom, I hate British food.

Anonymous said...

Part 2, tell your Nationals to do me a favor and kick the crap out of the Tigers the next couple of days.

David in DC said...

bb: Like I said, it's an old joke. My brain remembers that sort of thing better than the quadratic equation or Maslow's heirarchy.

churl: If there is such a place, I'm confident you won't.

minijonb: I didn't, until you mentioned it. Gotta hum Skynyrd's Freebird to banish it.

mielikki: Pish-posh. I'll bet it comes naturally, most of the time.

e-e: I worried a little about the stereotypes that fuel this joke. Thanks for taking it in the spirit intended. As for your takeover of the underworld, if you can manage it, can you also arrange it so the Hagen-Dazs doesn't melt there before you can eat it?

e-e: Guess you're not too happy w/my Nats right now. The Tigers did the crap-kicking last night.