Saturday, February 23, 2008

TV Needs More Choharis

Peter Choharis is a professional acquaintance and an all-around good egg. He's had a couple of shots at political punditry lately.

Give 'em a look-see. I think he acquits himself admirably, here and here.

Down with the old pundits. Up with the ones who know me by name. :)

1 comment:

sybil law said...

Ooooh that's exciting!
Hillary sucks. I mean - you had to wait this LONG to realize that all you're doing is pissing people off with your negativity - thereby magnifying your unlikability?! She's an idiot! Also, how sincere can she be?
I need to shut up about Hillary.
But too cool that you know that guy! I would be happy, too. :)