Sunday, April 8, 2007

Gentlemen Prefer Peeps

I told RFB that linking to WaPo two days in a row was the lazy man's form of blogging, but after she showed me this photo show - and after I stopped laughing hard enough to type - I decided to go lazy today.

Below is just one of the Peeps dioramas featured in today's Post.

Here are the rest.

Traditionally, in our household, when one of us is incorrect, the other is obliged to say this:

You were right, dear. And more importantly, I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

those are funny, I especially liked the "Batman"Peeps and the "Simpsons"Peeps.

I need to go eat some of my Peeps now, I could down an entire pack of those things. So nauseatingly sweet, they almost cause paralysis.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I haven't eaten peeps in soooooo long.. but Now that I know they have other uses.. I may never eat one

Tara said...

Okay, that was hilarious. I loved them all, especially the "Say Anything" peep and the "Little Miss Peepshine". Some talented peeps made those peeps.

Moonbeam said...

Loved peepin' at the peep shows. Very creative peeps that were involved in those artistic endevors.

I woulda created one based on Pirates of the Carribean with Cap't Jack as the main Peep.

Rachel said...

Stupid &^(*%&#*($^#*( PC. I can't download anything here so I can't view them until I get home.


The Marilyn one was fantastic though.

Churlita said...

It's the perfect use for Peeps. I can't stand eating them, so it's nice to know they're good for something.

David in DC said...

I have several favorites, but hands down, the best one, as far as I'm concerned is the one entitled "Soylent Green is Peeps!"