Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inaugural Prayers

I thought Rick Warren did an admirable job in his invocation at the beginning of the inauguration ceremonies. He's as wrong as wrong can be on equal rights for homosexuals. Still, he's a positive feature of our social, political and religious landscape, and a damn sight better than the political evangelical leaders of an earlier era.

But I think the seventh graders at Beth El Hebrew Congregation of Alexandria, Virginia wrote even better prayers last Sunday morning, for posting at a website called Blessings for Barack. The blessings will eventually be printed on Megillat Brachot, a Scroll of Blessings and Prayers for our Country, to be presented to President Obama.

First Period
May you be strong when we are weak, and make a world of smiling faces.
May God be your guide.
Please help bring peace to warring nations and prosperity to the U.S.
You and your family should be proud.
Mazal tov and good luck!

Second Period
May you lead us forth in peace and love and help us prosper in these harsh times.
We pray that you bring exquisite and intricate new ideas in your term as president.
May God help you fix what is broken and stop what is wrong;
and use your power to make our country a happier, cleaner place.
We know you will do a great job.
(1/24/09 Red-faced addendum: Their teacher is my friend, Lisa S. She's a cool person, a treasure and a blessing. I should have mentioned her before this.)

Check out Blessings for Barack. It's pretty cool.


mielikki said...

those are beautiful, I like them much better, actually.

Churlita said...

Those are great. What sweet sentiments.

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