Friday, March 5, 2010

Meet the Laryngospasms

My cousin Deb, from Buffalo, sends this along. Thank you Deb.


sybil law said...

Not one of them really looks like a doctor to me, though. :)

Moonbeam said...

Would not surprise me a bit that this really happens on a smaller scale tho. When I had surgery awhile back I remember the Anesthesiologist asking me what music I liked, I said the Beatles. As I was going under I could hear the Beatles singing.."With A Little Help From My Friends". Of course I was singing along with the song until I couldnt hang on any longer. My last words were...grooooovey choice Doc as I dozed off. Get High with a little help from my friend the Anesthesiologist :) Anyhoo...long story short, too late, I think this video is great and yes I think these are real Doctors.