Thursday, February 15, 2007

If you call me David Harry...

I hear that the three women in the world who are entitled to call me David Harry have checked out this blog, at least to read Thanks Mom.

You may have noticed that at the bottom of every blog entry is a link that reads "0 COMMENTS" or "7 COMMENTS" or some such thing. If you click on that link, it gives you a chance to respond, or type any other things that come into your mind.

Please do. I'd love to hear about what you think of anything you read.

That goes for you too, Mom.

David Harry


Anonymous said...

Hey, I lost my car keys. You wouldn't happen to have seen them, have you?

David in DC said...

Um ... was that supposed to go under the previous blog entry?

Anonymous said...

No, I found my car. It's one of the pastel-lavender Yugos in the photo. It's the keys I can't find, and that is what comes to mind!

Rachel said...

If your mom comes and reads the comments:

HI David In DC's MOM!!!! *waving*