Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shannah Tovah

Happy New Year to my friends who start celebrating it tonight.

To everybody else too. We can all use a happy, healthy, sweet next twelve months or so (lunar calendar vs. solar calendar makes these things a little inexact.)

Work remains toxic, but with the fun addition of my being completely behind schedule, through no fault of my own, as well.

I've had plenty of grist for the blog mill since last time I posted, but no time to do it and intermittent bouts of depression to keep me from it when I DO have the time.

Future posts will include a picture of Playtah's brick, video of Monkeyboy killing Trandoshans in the online game "Star Wars: Republic Commando", new pictures of Ted who is, no kidding, now larger than a tribble, and the new Springsteen album. (Yes, I've already heard it. No, I can't tell you how.)

Also, the project I alluded to here and here has progressed to the stage of a date for second interviews.

Yup, "interviews," as in plural.

They can't be devoting that much time and energy to this if they're not serious, so please keep those fingers crossed (with the usual caveats about typing or carrying boiling water.)

Finally, it is traditional at this time of year for Jews to ask forgiveness of anyone they have sinned against in the past year. Anything from hurtful speech on up. So please, my friends, I ask your forgiveness for anything I may have done that hurt you this past year. And please rest assured that you have my forgiveness for anything hurtful you may have done to me.

Tonight's liturgy says something like "For sins against G-d, G-d can grant atonement, but for sins against another person, you can only seek pardon from that other person."

(That's not a verbatim quote because I don't keep a copy of the High Holidays prayerbook handy, but it's pretty close.)

And, most of all, thank you for the gift of your friendship. It's been a real blessing since I started this blog.


laughing said...

I would think that for stuff against another person you have to ask forgiveness from both God and the other person.

But I can't picture you would do anything to someone else on purpose, so the list of people you've accidentally wronged is probably pretty small.

Happy New Year and live long and prosper and all that stuff.

Moonbeam said...

Happy New Year! Here's to a sweet, happy, healthy year.

Good luck on your interviews. I will keep my fingers crossed except at times when I absolutely need them for other thingies.

Churlita said...

Shannah Tovah!

I hope your New Year is sweet as well.

I can't wait to read your upcoming posts. I hope your depression isn't taking things over too badly.

laura b. said...

I hope you are enjoying the High Holy Days with your family and friends. A new beginning can be a truly wonderful thing.

Sending good thoughts your way re the job situation and your depression. I know good things are coming your way....

mielikki said...

Happy, and blessed New Year to you as well.
Fingers crossed for your interviews and all it entails.
You got to hear the new Springsteen? (I am jealous.)
bigger than a tribble? Wow.

Bubblewench said...

You have a great New Year!

Glad you are cruising along - was getting worried about you there!