Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mazal Tov, Bruce

I've known Bruce Sabath since we were in the same group at day camp in the summer between 1st and 2nd grade.

Our town had two middle schools. In 8th grade, he was president of the student council at one, I was president at the other.

He was the songleader for the NFTY (National Federation of Temple Youth) chapter at the synagogue we grew up at. I was songleader for the local BBYO (B'nai B'rith Youth Organization) chapter, that met at the JCC.

We sang and played guitar together, along with three girls who were a lot prettier then we were, at Hadassah luncheons, Jewish Burial Society dinners, and even auctioned ourselves off on the local public television station one year as the entertainment for a party. (We wound up doing our only bar mitzvah gig --- tough crowd).

This weekend, he's in PARADE magazine.

Because he's on Broadway. :)

Mazal Tov, Bruce.

And since you never know where an actor's next gig will come from, here's a link to his professional web page.


ANON1 said...


David in DC said...

OK, I've looked up La Chime in French. It means the carillon.

I've also looked up hamster and translated it into French.

It's le hamster.

I'm stumped.

David in DC said...

Aha, moonbeam just told me I'm barking up the wrong tree (or, to use a hamster metaphor, burrowing in the wrong hutch).

She suggests, I think correctly, that A1 meant l'chaim, which means "To Life." I'm sorry I missed that.

L'chiam indeed. Thanks for the toast A1, which I second.

And thanks for the phonetic coaching, moonbeam. :)

Anonymous said...

Shalom, David! This entry from top to last comment cracked me up - thanks for the laughs :] .

David in DC said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come again soon.

I've got a feeling we know one another, but after a quick glance at your blog, I'm stumped.

Anonymous said...

It's a work in progress [slow progress, but you know what they say, the slow ones last the longest. No, I don't know what I meant by that]. Keep posting more of your stuff; I'm hooked.

Best, ALWAYS, lc