Thursday, December 7, 2006

Offensive Bigotry - ANON1 Penalized 15 yds and the Loss of a Down

Frequent commenter ANON1 offered up this gem, at the end of a long string of comments, yesterday:

"Who owns most of the media in America? The Jews. Most of the time jewish people are democratic and their view are to the left. So I don't think the press is as free as you think David."


Bigotry, factual error, unsupported stereotyping and unpleasant condescension, all in less than 40 words.

Imagine if the Mind of Anon1 had access to a brain. Nah, that seems unlikely.


imaginaryconversations said...

David, I agree with this -"Bigotry, factual error, unsupported stereotyping and unpleasant condescension".

But let me take it further.

Which nation/nationality has the most Nobel prize winners? Gah! Those evil Jews. They're taking over science, or to be honest, making up this whole thing called science. I'll laugh at you, Jews, burning in hell, while I'm having a threesome with 2 hot chicks in my Catholic heaven.

- Anon1

imaginaryconversations said...

Oh, oh, I love this!

"And stop with the fucking big words and fancy statements. This is not a court."

No comment needed, really. And the funniest thing is that there are people in this world who will agree with him absolutely, and people who will have a great time reading this, no extra explanations required.

ANON1 said...


Your liberal bullshit stinks so bad that I throw up everytime I read your garbage.

And IC you have to be kidding me. Don't make me post some of your comments where you stereotyped different types of people. Don't be such a hyprocrite.

David in DC said...

IC: Thanks for your support.


You should see a doctor about that.

I see that mine is no longer a blog of which you approve. I'm sorry to discover that. But that's why my link list just refers to "Blogs I read". Yours will remain on the list.

And I see that IC has received the same treatment. I regret to see that even more.

As I've written elsewhere, I believe the ability to disagree without being disagreeable is an essential element of adulthood.

Also, you should never let politics interfere with your relationship with a hot babe. Whether you've achieved adulthood or not.