Friday, February 2, 2007

Food Pictures

According to Tara, at e.clec.tic spaghetti, today is Photograph a Food Label Day.

Here are my favorites:


Moonbeam said...

That's the funkiest Salmon I have ever seen. Looks like a cross between Nemo and those Goldfish Crackers.
I crave a diet coke now and then, but always fail to drink the whole thing. A coupla years ago I discovered a little half can that is perfect for me. They seem to hide them at the market, usually on a corner isle instead of the regular stock shelf, so its always hide and seek time if I try a new market.

Moonbeam said...

Oppps...forgot to include Dory in the combo, along with Nemo and the Goldfish Crackers.

Tara said...

I love that fish. I'm also a huge fan of that can of Pringles in the center. Got ta love those Pringles.

Rachel said...

I haven't ever had lox. It must be an East Coast thing.
Next time I get a couple of fishes I am going to name them Lox & Creamcheese. Just for you!

laura b. said...

I had to follow your little fish teaser in Tara's comments over here. Cool blog! Coca Cola is sweet, fizzy love in a can...Pringles are salty, crunchy love in a can...and that fish is just too cute to be canned.

David in DC said...

Moonbeam: I couldn't believe my luck when I found the fish pic w/google images. Dory, Nemo and Pepperidge Farms fish is a good approximation. I know bout the l'il cans. Gotta start buying 'em more often.

Tara: But, on the other hand, the l'il cans o' Pringles always leave me wanting more. I can sing the 1970's Pringle's TV jingle.

"Every single Pringles potato chip
is a perfect
potato chip.
They're unbroken, fresh, and crunchy, too.
The cannister keeps 'em that way for you.
Pringles New-fangled Potato

Rachel: Spectacular names for fish. I'll be honored. Lox is just smoked salmon. You're already halfway there if you have salmon sushi.

L.B. Nice to meetcha. Sweet fizzy love ... salty crunchy love. It's all good.