Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sinusoidal vs. Harmonic

My friend, Michel the chemist, understands enough physics to understand the chart above.

He offers the link below for those of us who need more practical explanations.

I Heart Physics.


sybil law said...

Okay - how freaking weird is it that not 1 minute ago I was talking about how much I hated physics in high school?!!

David in DC said...

Thanks, Sybil. I was expecting a blast or blasts from feminist friends wondering when I'd become such a misogynistic, cro-magnon, objectifier of women.

Instead I got a cool example of synchronicity.

And some affirmation, from a woman I respect, that I'm not a totally irredeemable, damnably porcine oppressor of womynkynd.

A note to haters: please do not insult this post or call me a jerk unless you have a better or more colorful phrase than:

"misogynistic, cro-magnon, objectifier of women"


"totally irredeemable, damnably porcine oppressor of womynkynd."