Friday, May 2, 2008

Lazy Blogging Device

Ask readers to react to a sufficiently off-kilter question.

I gotta split this up, girls get one question, boys get another.

First, the choices:

Betty or Veronica (from the comics)
Mary Ann or Ginger (from Gilligan)
Bailey or Jennifer (from WKRP)

Guys: Which are you more likely to fall for? Why?

Gals: These are archetypes. Where on the Mary Ann/Ginger continuum do you fall? Why?


Anonymous said...

Hey, David! Wow, you've been a busy little bee. This is funny: Hmm, definitely Betty as she's the brunette. Wait, she is the dark-haired one, right?

Mary Ann hands down, for same reasons. [Am I biased or what?]

And WKRP? Are you nuts? That show sucks :] .

I am Mary Ann simply because I am level-headed, practical and don't try to use my feminine wiles to get what I want from the males, who're generally suckers for batting lashes and "oops!" and sickly giggles. You see?

Stop by and say HELLO!

Best best best, lc.

Anonymous said...

I don't know either of the firsts...never an Archie person.

Ginger..two words, RED HEAD

Bailey, the glasses made her sexy. Besides, Loni Anderson was very over-rated in my book.

I love answering questions as well asking them (every Monday). Heres to lazy blogging!!

laura b. said...

Lazy blogging devices are beloved by me. I am much more of a Betty, Mary Ann, Bailey kind of gal. No one is going to mistake me for a model, but I might be cute to the occasional odd bird. I'm your pal, not your fantasy...that how I think of it.

Churlita said...

I was just going to say what Laura B. said. I am WAY more the goofy, quirky girl next door type than the illusive, sultry vixen. Being hot and mysterious 24/7 seems like so much work.

mielikki said...

Mary Ann, probably, with some of the Ginger spice mixed in.