Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hunks! Hunks! Hunks!

A couple of times a year, MiDC's youth choir sings at the monthly Friday night Sabbath services at Greenspring Village, a Northern Virginia retirement community. The residents love having the kids (and Miss Carol) lead the prayers and songs and the kids love the attention showered on them afterwards by grandparent-type people who maybe don't get enough time with their own grandkids.

For the rest of this post to make sense, you need to know that one of my guilty pleasures is listening to the Mike O'Meara show on my weekday commute home. It's usually sophomoric, more-than-occasionally vulgar, and almost always in questionable taste. It's also often hilarious.

My ears perked up today when Mike and his cronies started interviewing the Hunks of Greenspring Village. It seems that last year, the women of Greenspring posed for a cheesecake calendar that wound up raising more than $40,000 for the Greenspring Benevolent Care Fund. The Fund assists residents who have exhausted their assets to continue living at Greenspring, a pretty wonderful community of 2000+ seniors who enjoy a wide range of first class services. The ladies challenged the men to do the same for 2009. The men are aiming for $50,000.

Check it out.

And here's a link to the pics Mike had posted on his show's website after the interview.



Moonbeam said...

OMG :)

I wonder how perky things got at the photo shoot. Nevermind :)

There was a movie out awhile back, the name escapes me, with cheesecake older women putting together a calendar. It was great! It's not called getting older, its called getting better.

Churlita said...

That's so cool. I hope they make at least that much.