Friday, June 8, 2007

Be There, or Be Oblong

Saturday and Sunday, yours truly will occupy the CFX Children's Stage at Celebrate Fairfax! from 11:00 am to 11:45 am.

On Saturday I'm a solo act. My duet partner has final day of Little Legue festivities to go to, including a team picnic/party at a nearby lake. Potential groupies, please take note. :)

On Sunday, Monkeyboy joins me on three solos.

Most of you live too far away to make it, plus it's way out at Fairfax Government Center and kinda early in the morning. But if anyone does come, please identify yourself, if I do not recognize you first.

If you get bored, I'm usually right next to the petting zoo. 50 cents and you can feed a lamb, duck, yak or llama.

Peace Out!


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

What no Playpus'....? yeah I would love to see a Yak.. That would be cool.. But I live too far away... I will be there once again in spirit...

Rachel said...

Have fun performing. I wish I could be there.

mielikki said...

Be careful of the llama's, they spit just like camels!
Seriously, have fun with your weekend, I'm sure it will be quite entertaining.

Val said...


Aunty Christ said...

Perhaps Ted could accompany you on Saturday? Hey--just think, you'd have a partner, you could make 50 cents and he could get fed. Good deal for both of you!

And would it be totally selfish of me to suggest video of the event? Or, in any case, a photo of a yak?

laura b. said...

Oblonging to be there. Have fun!

laughing said...

So how did it go?

ANON1 said...

Llamas are nasty creatures. They will spit on you for no reason; well maybe they spit on you DIDC because you voted for Clinton and Kerry. I never said they were not intelligent.

How much to feed you?

laughing said...

Poor llamas

David in DC said...

Babybull: No platypus. I actually checked. No yak either. But camel and a llama and sheep, ducks, pigs and bunnies. Thanks for coming in spirit.

Rachel: I had a lot of fun. Thanks. I'm pretty sure I saw you there in spirit. You were the one right next to babybull, weren't you?

Mielikki: I watched the camel and the llama to see if a spitting contest broke out. None ever did, but the llama looked like he was thinking about it.

Val: It definitely was.

Aunty: Ted and I tried to sing together once. We split because of creative differences. It was kinda like Donnie and Marie. He's a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock-and-roll.

We totally forgot the camera. D'oh.

l.b.: I groaned when I read it, RFB groaned when she read it and I'm still smiling as I respond. Pun of the month. Thanks.

Laughing: Went great. I'll blog more bout it eventually. I'm such a ham. If I could've ever made a living as a folk singer, I would have junked the law gig in a New York minute.

ANON1: I fear you're confusing coincidence with causality. The spitting is for no reason. What care have camels or llamas for voting.

But wait a minute, I sense the makings of an election-winning proposal. I wonder if camels and llamas could be trained to recognize, and refrain from spitting at, people who vote a particular way. It could give candidates in camel or llama-infested precincts a real electoral advantage:

[Candidate looks sincerely into camera] "Vote for me and you'll never have to worry about llama spit again. My name is XXX and I approved of this ad."

Hey, candidates have won on dumber platforms than that.

"Tippecanoe and Tyler too", for instance.

Doesn't cost much to feed me. I'm a cheap date. But I'm not easy.

Laughing: I've seen that before. It always cracks me up. Gang: cut and paste the url laughing provides. It's deliriously, nonsensically funny.

Tara said...

Hey, I hope you knocked em dead and broke a leg! But not literally. If I lived in that area, I would've been in the audience.

laughing said...

And then there's a Sawyer Song (LOST). And then there's a Delek Song (Dr. Who).

dmarks said...

When I read the post, something was triggered in my head when I saw "llama" mentioned next to "duck". Glad to see that this is well covered in the comments.

"Llama sawyer truck...."

AlienCG said...

Have fun with the entertaining of the yaks and llamas this weekend.