Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Bad Year? WTF?

Rescue of a collapsing economy.
Financial reform.
An orderly drawdown in Iraq.
Effective use of Predator drones in Afghanistan, Waziristan, Yemen, and anyplace else we could I.D. Al Queda.
Fearless defense of unpopular Mosque-building near the Ground Zero strip club and Ground Zero off-track-betting parlor.
Health care reform.
START ratification.
Abolition of don't ask don't tell.

WTF have my peers on the left been up to. Our job is to get out the story, not snipe from the sidelines. Maybe if we weren't such absolutists, disdainful of the give-and-take of democratic lawmaking, we could have avoided a shellacking in November.

As a progressive leader, Obama gets an A+.
As his natural constituency, we're lucky to get by with a C-.

Oh, yeah: And making the first U.S. presidency of a Black man almost a non-story for all but the most clueless or bigoted of Americans.


How 'bout a resolution to be better stewards of the liberal/progressive cause this year?

Imagine what he could do if we all pulled together.