Monday, March 9, 2009

Sometimes a Reply to a Comment Grows into a New Post

Trust me, I never thought I'd be one to yearn for the intellectual depth of the Reagan Administration.

Bill Clinton's worst sins were to turn a previously honorable word like "intern" into a national punchline and to force millions of parents to explain what a blow-job was earlier than they would have chosen.

W.'s were errors that struck at the core of our national identity. The secret legal opinions undergirding the Bush "War on Terror" turn out, in the light of day, to be fraud and tomfoolery. Vicious, corrosive tomfoolery.

One can scarcely believe lawyers wrote them with a straight face.

Obama's acts overruling these fiction-filled "legal briefs," and then exposing them to the disinfecting light of day, give me confidence. And pride to be an American.

Hang on. I just re-read something. I'm quoting Reagan and you're quoting Time? Yikes! If anyone sees any lions lying down with lambs or swords being beaten into plowshares, please let us know.


Churlita said...

Awesome response.

Anonymous said...

I am not quoting Time. I am letting you know that the leftist rag some people call a magazine blamed a ton of Democrats for the mess as well. I am telling you about an article in Time. My opinion, Obama was created by the press and elected by the press. Why wasn't he questioned about his drug use, lack of service to his country (military) and the fact that he bought his house at a nice discount from a man who now sits in prison. Get your head out of the sand DIDC, the music may have changed but the dance is still the same.

Good thing Obama moved his mother in law into the White House yet he bitches about taxpayers bailing out big companies. He's a fraud, a liar and let's not forget the fact that he went to a church where it's preacher gave a sermon about hating white people. Some may call that being a bigot.