Friday, October 5, 2007

Word of the Day

Someone on my shul's listserv subscribes to Urban Dictionary's Word of the Day.

Today, she posted August 30th's word: "Aibohphobia".

First to comment with the definition wins 1000 points.

These points are non-redeemable, non-transferrable and void where prohibited by law.

No fair looking it up on the internet, at Urban Dictionary, Google, or anyplace else. You're on your honor.


Moonbeam said...

I am thinkin' it means.....

Fear of worms or to be more precise, fear of worms in a bag.

David in DC said...


Note to everyone else: that's an in-joke between me and moonbeam, from an exchange we had not long ago about mangled idioms. The contest remains upon.

Anonymous said...

We can divide the word like this:

Ai - boh - phobia

Ai = abbreviated form of A'ight, and urban greeting rite.

boh = acronym for "big ole' honkey"

phobia = fear

So, Aibohphobia is the fear of crackers who try to use urban slang. And we should be afraid of them. :)

laura b. said...

All you have to do is read the word forward...and backward. I bet HANNAH and her MOM would understand.

David in DC said...

Laura Wins 1000 Nonreedemable, non-transferrable points.

500 similar points awarded to Playtah for originality.

Thanks for playing.

Moonbeam said...

Hey what do I get....chopped liver?


dmarks said...

Is it anything like Taebophobia, which is a fear of being kicked by Billy Blanks?

David in DC said...

moonbeam: an bag full or a can full, whichever is larger.

dmarks: do you suppose he got his name after having a vasectomy?

dmarks said...

David: I saw your Yiddish word in another blog (Churlita). Does "Benzonia" mean anything in Yiddish?

David in DC said...

Not Yiddish.

It's a curse in Hebrew.

Ben zona (pronounced bayn zo-NAH)= Son of a whore.

It doesn't sound too nice in English, but its waaay more insulting in Hebrew (or Arabic, which has a very similar curse.)

dmarks said...

Benzonia is a city name, actually. I was not entirely sure about the Hebrew curse. I'll likely blog more about the city in the future. I have no idea if there are any Jewish people around who would know what it means. It actually has some significance if you are a real Civil War buff.

David in DC said...

In that case, it's probably derived from ben (son of) Zonia (not a clue who Zonia might be).

Maybe a southern take on Ben Zion (son of Zion). Mt. Zion is in Jerusalem and Zion has been used through the centuries to denote the Holy Land. Hence Zionism.

Ain't etymology fun?!