Thursday, October 18, 2007

Funny Pumpkin Pictures

Moonbeam just sent me a bunch of funny pumpkin pictures. It's really hard to choose, but I think these are the best:

I Heart Halloween.


mielikki said...

I heart Halloween, too, and am going to go get my pumpkins this week!
(I really get them for the seeds. . .shhhh!)

Tara said...

I really like that burger pumpkin. Reminds me, I still haven't bought a pumpkin to carve...nor have I bought a burger recently either.

Churlita said...

That reminds me, I need to get carving. I wish I were that creative though.

Moonbeam said...

Halloweenie Tip

Yet another use for Vaseline...rub a little on the cut openings of your pumpkin to help preserve and keep the cuts fresher.

laura b. said...

My Jack-O-Lanterns are always sort of boring. Or, no...lets say...traditional. My Jack-O-Lanterns tend to be tradtional! I love these more creative (or NON-tradtional) ones. Yeah.

laughing said...

I got fifty dollars from Pumpkin Masters once. I think it was my third jack-o-lantern.

David in DC said...

mielikki: I love pumpkin seeds.

Tara: I thought the burger pumpkin was really cool, too. And don't worry, I'll eat your share of dead cow flesh if you like.

Churl: The most creative one I saw last year was an intricate carving of the Greek letter Pi instead of a jack-o-lantern face.

Moonbeam: Seems like a good tip, thanks.

Laura: I always try to carve one that looks evil and I always wind up with one that looks friendly.

Laughing: I've never heard of Pumpkin Masters but I'm glad they reward the deserving.